Megan Vandeberghe ‘16 – As the last week-long break rolls around for the class of 2016, many make plans to travel around the country, and some, the continent. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see a new part of the world with friends and make memories, but unfortunately these aren’t the motives of some.

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, whereas in the United States, it’s three years later at the age of 21. A lot of high schoolers look at this as an opportunity to slide under the radar of their own country’s laws, and loophole their way into gaining access to alcohol.

Being almost a legal adult myself, I can understand the excitement of growing up and having access to new things, but underage alcohol consumption is far more glorified than it should be. What’s wrong with spending a week in Florida with your family, strolling along the beach?

The main concern that parents have of their teen spring-breakers isn’t the potential drinking or partying, but rather, peer pressure. The central idea of modern day Spring Break is to party hard and have no regrets. This means that even if teenagers don’t share the same morals as their best friends, they may still be pressured into something they have no interest in doing.

Don’t feel pressured to fit in with the crowd. If you feel like taking a walk on the beach instead of partying it up with friends, then so be it. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Fun doesn’t have to be defined by a party. After all, it’s your spring break and it should revolve around what you find enjoyable, not what everyone else takes interest in.

Max Lucci ‘16 – Spring Break is an exciting time for students and seniors are hit with the decision of where to go on their final Spring Break. On one hand Mexico has a wild party atmosphere and the thrill of leaving the country but on the other there’s beautiful calm beaches and unmatchable weather right here in the U.S. for much cheaper.

Mexico offers a unique experience that includes a lower drinking age causing hundreds of seniors to drink freely at the resort, it also allows seniors to spend a week partying with the people we grew up and lastly to end our senior year with a bang.

Not a day of senior year should be wasted and neither should senior Spring Break. While partying it up in Mexico students feel like adults and spend time with friends they may be moving away from in just a few short months. Just steps off of a relaxing beach, students find pools filled with fellow spring breakers.

Nightclubs accompanied by five star restaurants make up an exciting night life for students all in the name of Spring Break. The resort offers a week long party with all the fine dining and drinks Romeo students can handle, and when the partying gets to be too much you’re just steps from a relaxing beach and beautiful ocean. Mexico is a paradise of parties and it offers an experience that no other Spring Break destination can.
Senior year is no time to relax, it’s time to live it up as much as possible. This is our year to make memories and the best place to do this is Riviera Maya, Mexico with our closest friends.

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