Max Lucci ‘16 – The ball and chain of a relationship is something that many high schoolers know all too well. Between the ages of 14 and 18 we are changing more than any time in our life, and searching for love in an ever changing sea of hormonal teenagers. The idea of the perfect girl will change more and more every year and if you find that special someone, what happens when one of you changes? It’s bound to happen.

There are countless reasons to be independent in high school and with these we prepare ourselves for the changes we’re about to face.

Relationships in high school exist as hormone fueled distractions from our true goals. High school is a place where we can make mistakes for the sake of learning from them but not when these mistakes are muted by the fear of hurting our significant other. This is a time where we can stray from our parents’ rules and begin to make our own path, but the path we pave is not always wide enough for two.

How can a relationship be stable when college is the next hurdle on the horizon and the reality of a long distance relationship looms overhead? There are too many challenges for high schoolers to face such as preparation for college, fitting in, and finding themselves for them to be emotionally dependant on a significant other. Becoming emotionally independent is a part of growing up and instead of relying on each other we should be looking to ourselves for support.


Megan Vandeberghe ‘16 – Being in a long-term, committed relationship in high school has incredible potential to be something beautiful for so many people, because having that kind of support throughout some of the most stressful years of life can get you through the toughest of times.

Having been in a relationship for near 15 consecutive months, I’ve experienced what it’s like to know that one person to talk to about anything in the whole world without feeling embarrassed, stupid, or scared. Don’t get me wrong, a best friend is also the prime outlet for such things, but sometimes it’s nice to have a guy to bring you flowers or plan a clever promposal.

Above all things, high school is the prime time to learn life lessons. What better time to discover what you want out of a potential connection than to have one?

Even if a relationship doesn’t play out as pictured, the recognition of jumping into the deep end satisfies far more than giving up before the first try. Who knows? Maybe this puppy love can turn into a well developed connection.

If nothing else, you’ll have more experience and a better understanding of who you are and what you want out of a relationship; even life in general.
So don’t shy away from that first date with the guy you walk with in the hall or the girl in your english class you talk to every day. It could wind up being a thrilling rush leading to something more.

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