Megan Vandeberghe ‘16 – The long weeks of winter weather pose new possibilities for indoor activities with family and friends to bond by sitting around the fireplace with a blanket to keep warm. From reading, to baking cookies and watching Christmas movies, cold weather is the perfect time to refrain from outside activities.

The worst part of going outside is the risk of getting covered in slushy snow and walking back into the house in soaking wet shoes. Why trudge through the intense weather when staying inside is an option? According to, about 30% of people in the U.S. come down with the flu every winter, whereas Summer colds, according to The Wall Street Journal, occur only about 25% as often. Staying inside, warm, and healthy saves the trouble of running to Rite Aid for some Nyquil, not to mention the miserable coughing, sore throat, and sneezing.

In the end, nothing beats sitting by the fireplace with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate while watching a blizzard rage on outside. Take the time for yourself to catch up on homework and sleep, no one ever said high school is easy. The cold weather provides an excuse to stay inside, stay home, and catch up.

There’s a season for everything, including a season for relaxing. Take advantage of it.

Max Lucci ‘16 – This unique time of year should be spent breathing in the brisk winter air instead of sitting inside roasting by the fire. With winter time comes snowboarding, cutting down your Christmas tree, sledding and more. So don’t waste the holiday season watching cheesy Hallmark movies when there’s real memories waiting right outside your front door.

Romeo High School ski club makes it cheaper to go out and enjoy this time of year. Making your way to Pine Knob or Mt. Holly may be a hike but it’s more than worth it for a day of fun. Don’t let not knowing how to ski or snowboard stop you, they offer lessons and runs for any skill. If your skill isn’t quite there yet Parks and Rec has a nice hill available any time for practice.

But if winter sports aren’t really your thing, visit downtown Detroit. The stereotypes surrounding the city don’t serve the heart and soul of our state any justice. Every year a festival is thrown in celebration of the winter season. The Winter Blast offers ice skating and ice sliding, all to enjoy while drinking hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. This would be a cute date idea and any girl would like the uniqueness of it.

Don’t want to venture that far out for date night? Go see the Rochester lights with your special someone, that’ll always romantic and fun. You don’t even have to go that far, join your family and loved ones in Romeo for the annual tree lighting.

There’s places all over that do special things for the holiday season, so get out there and enjoy them.


Living in Michigan, it’s easy to take the cold months for granted and wish for summer to come, but there’s no getting around the snowmen and pine trees, enjoy it while it lasts. No other season creates the same feelings this one does, a few hours of frozen fingertips and rosy cheeks can’t hurt.


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