Isabella Capanda ‘19: The Romeo Theatre Company presents Legally Blonde The Musical as the spring production for the 2017-2018 school year. This iconic movie has been transformed into a production fun for all ages (parental guidance advised). The students involved have poured their blood and soul into this show, staying as late as nine o’clock to finish the set. In response to their hard work, it seems fit to recognize some of the brains and talent behind the production.

Charlene Yarema ‘19 plays the iconic role of Elle Woods, a preppy fashion merchandise major who transfers to Harvard Law to follow the man of her dreams. This is Yarema’s third production with RTC and she couldn’t be happier. Through portraying the role of Miss Elle Woods, Yarema traded in her tennis shoes for stilettos and her brown mane for blonde locks.

“My favorite part was working with everyone in theatre and getting to know everyone better,” Yarema said. “The cast and crew all worked so hard to make this show great and it was such an awesome experience.”

Another rising star is Francisco Uribe ‘19 who portrays the role of Emmett Forrest, the Harvard T.A. that leads Elle through the bloody waters of law school. Uribe has been with RTC for two years and this is his fourth production with the company.

“I think the show went really well considering the circumstances we were put in,” Uribe said. “I enjoyed working with everyone and putting on a fun show.”

For Gabe Stark ‘21, this show is a memorable experience. Though only a freshman, Stark portrays Professor Callahan with ease. This is Stark’s second show but his very first role on the stage.

“Going to auditions was weird because it wasn’t like I thought it would be,” Stark said. “I loved transforming into this character that isn’t like me at all.”

Some of the most important roles are not on stage, but in fact behind it. They may not have lines to remember or notes to hit, but they are the reason why the show is able to go on. The next few are some of the faces that the show would fall apart if they were not there.

Jessica Malek ‘19 holds the role of student director and backstage. She not only keeps the actors in line, but also organizes everything so that it goes off without a hitch. This will be Malek’s third year with the company and her seventh production. Her mom-like readiness makes her perfect for the role as a student director.

“The most challenging part is smoothing out the 26 scene changes that we have,” Malek said. “My favorite part was watching the audience react to all of our hard work.”

Another face not commonly seen, mostly because it shouldn’t during the show, is that of Aidan Long ‘19. Long is the technical director of RTC (which means he’s in charge of everybody making scene changes and the entire crew, aside from Jessica) and assumed the role in his sophomore year. This is also Long’s third year with RTC. One of Long’s main roles backstage is moving sets and making sure that everything goes flawlessly. Sacrificing sleep, Long has stayed until nine o’clock (under adult supervision, of course) to finish the set.

“My favorite part was working backstage because I haven’t done that since freshman year,” Long said. “The best part about my position is having the opportunity to solve the problems that arise between the departments.”

Emma Enciso ‘21 and Jamie Patrona ‘21 took on the role of co-head costumers for this crazy production. Only freshmen, these two had big shoes to fill and a lot on their shoulders.

“One of the most challenging parts is having people come up to me and asking what to do because I was still trying to figure that out,” Enciso said. “The quick changes were stressful at first because I had to run around backstage, but Charlene made it fun and once I got the hang of changing her it was easier.”

Though only a few are mentioned here, so many hard workers put in time and effort to make this production of Legally Blonde The Musical possible. A wonderful performance by all and the dedication is truly shown in the long run.

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