Chloe Alverson ‘17 – In 2016, teenagers are often more comfortable coping with their issues from the other side of an electronic device. The fact that someone would rather hide behind a screen to discuss their problems, rather than have a direct, face-to-face conversation, is slightly pathetic.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the social media app, Twitter. When using Twitter, a must-know term is “sub-Tweet.” A sub-Tweet is when someone indirectly talks about you (via Tweet). The term, as it should, has a negative connotation. It’s a way for Twitter users to get out their frustrations with others without directly saying the other person’s name.

“I think that sub-Tweets are a way to avoid a situation and go around the actual problems people are dealing with,” Jenna Pekarek ‘17 said. “People love to avoid confrontation.”

It seems childish that people would rather voice their issues with another person online instead of directly working with the other person to resolve the issue.

When we notice these indirect online comments, our feelings may be hurt. Social media gives our peers the power of words, and their words may negatively affect us. What we must realize is that dealing with these conflicts in person is easier and more effective than putting it online.

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