Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: On top of the stresses that come with the teenage years, high school students struggle to balance a social life, academics, and other after school activities. Graduating with the sixth highest grade point average in the Romeo High School 2019 class, Matthias Claassen ‘19 also went All-Academic in Macomb County.

Different than most teenagers, Claassen thought about his future early on and chose an academic focused pathway. The pathway he chose brought him many achievements.

“My favorite achievement is placing number six in top ten, with a GPA of 4.07, and going All-Academic,” Claassen said.

Although he spent countless hours studying, writing, reading, and doing homework throughout high school, Claassen finds time to socialize in and out of school.

“School has impacted my social life in a positive way because I met all of my friends here and I end up seeing them outside of school as well,” Claassen said.

Claassen constantly looks for a challenge, he thrives when encountering a difficult subject. This separates him from the average high school student.

“My favorite subject is calculus because it is my most challenging subject and I do well in it. It is really nice to get things right,” Claassen ‘19 said.

Matthias Claasen became one of the best and brightest in Romeo High School. He achieved many great things because of his hard work and dedication that never disappeared. Matthias plans on attending the University of Michigan in the fall. His future holds many more great achievements along the way.

Congratulations to Matthias on all of his achievements!

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