Jenna Knepper ‘21: Ever year, students from all around participate in manufacturing day. Manufacturing day creates an opportunity for individuals to explore future occupations by going inside different companies witnessing possible jobs first hand. Another enriching addition to this annual trip, students get the opportunity to participate in a video competition with a team of peers. 

Forming the winning team, Lila Libby ‘21, Dustin Daniel ‘21, Karissa Billock ‘21, and Luke Jackman ‘20 highlight the Romeo Ford plant in their 1st place video. 

“The competition is to showcase the manufacture and what the manufacturer does. It was the student’s job to highlight the process while also documenting our students tour of MFG day” said Jackman.

With many different schools competing for the winning video, Lila, Dustin, Karissa and Luke knew they had to put in lots of work into the creation of their project and spent hours getting the perfect angles, asking the right questions, and editing a video that runs smoothly.

“A lot of work went into making the video happen. We were lucky to have the Romeo Ford Plant have a Ford Mustang pulled out for us to highlight,” said Jackman. “We had to work hard on not getting any other filmers in the shots and trying to find the right place for the interviews”.

Karissa Billock took on a leadership role editing the MFG day video and ensuring that it appealed to the eye of the viewer.

Another important peer that took part in the winning video, Lila Libby ‘20, could not be happier with the results of the competition and believes that hard work and dedication led to the success of their video.

“There is a theme every year for what the video should be about and this year it was ‘Why should students care about manufacturing day?’ We got to go to the Romeo Ford plant and pretty much have free range of where and what we wanted to film.” said Libby. “We took a day to go to the plant before Manufacturing day to get quality interviews of different workers”.

This team of four delighted in the fact that all of their work led to a successful victory. The final member of this video’s team, Dustin Daniel aided in filming and taking notes.

“When creating the video, we focused on diversity and how manufacturing has innovated,” said Daniel.

The results of the MFG day video competition prove that dedication and hard work lead to achievement and success. The community of Romeo congratulates Lila Libby, Dustin Daniel, Karissa Billock, and Luke Jackman on their winning video and support the efforts made to create this award winning film.

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