Jenna Knepper ‘21: An amazing addition to Romeo’s already friendly atmosphere, local coffeehouse, Main’s Treat, opened its doors just about 3 weeks ago. Located on Main Street, this new shop welcomes everyone to come and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and family. 

The married couple that owns Main’s Treat Coffeehouse, Julie and Jon Rose, take on the adventure of opening this shop together incorporating their shared passions for community and family.

 “We have lived in Romeo for just over a year and a half. We moved here because all of our kids had left the nest, and starting a coffee shop or bakery was something we always wanted to do. We just loved the town after we moved here. It felt right,” said Julie Rose.

Main’s Treat Coffeehouse opened during Romeo’s Peach Festival on August 29th. As the people of Romeo filled the streets on this busy weekend, many took notice of the new coffee shop that opened up. 

“We chose to open up shop in Romeo because of how supportive the community is,” stated Julie. “There was a need for a coffee shop in Romeo and we really wanted a warm place for people to socialize and for us to get to know people and have real conversations.”

The town of Romeo welcomes Main’s Treat Coffeehouse. Many in the town enjoy the environment that the new shop brings. Overjoyed with the positive response to their new business, Jon and Julie hope that Main’s Treat coffee house becomes more than just another place to eat.

“When we were opening Main’s Treat, we were always thinking, ‘What else can we do?’, and it became apparent that this could be a safe place for younger kids to hang out and socialize,” said Jon Rose. “We obviously welcome any age into our shop but that was the main goal in our minds when opening Main’s Treat.”

“I wanted it to be a gathering place more than anything. When our children were younger, our house was always the hangout. I would wake up every morning, count how many pairs of shoes were at the door, and make chocolate chip pancakes for all the kids that had stayed over night,” said Julie.

With their three kids out of the house, the owner’s of Main’s Treat knew that opening their new business created a way for them to continue meeting new friends and hosting new families.

“After our last kid left, we didn’t have anyone to make treats for so we created a place where we could do that. When we were first opening up everyone would warn us that we were going to get a lot of high school students here but I would always say, ‘well that’s the point’, I want everyone to be able to come here, drink coffee, and socialize” stated Julie.

With their shared passion for family traditions and hospitality, Jon and Julie Rose create a safe and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Main’s Treat Coffeehouse perfectly encapsulates Romeo’s friendly community by inviting people to a place where you can share quality time with one another and feel at home.

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