Katelynn Medley ‘20: Numerous frames and plaques decorate high schools halls. These walls recognize students who have achieved the All-State title. Romeo High School athletes aspire to one day see their picture hanging on the wall. However, with that goal in mind, athletes must train, compete, and work hard to reach their ultimate goal.

Holding a similar goal, Madelyn Malczewski ‘20 earned her All-State title at the Cross Country state meet on November 4. Malczewski began her cross country career at age 14, since then, her daily routine of running has grown in difficulty as she’s grown as a runner.

“I try to get around 40 miles a week,” Malczewski ‘20 said. “Some weeks it’ll be more, some weeks it’ll be less. I typically run 4-5 miles a day.”

With Malczewski’s whole season leading up to this moment, it was very crucial that she gave her all. This meet would sum up, as well as define her season.

According to Malczewski, the environment wasn’t like most typical races.

“There were a lot of people, a lot of cameras, and a lot of yelling,” Malczewski ‘20 said. “ It was a really intense atmosphere.”

Maintaining constant training, Malczewski finds enjoyment in training for the sport. With the rush of school and her social life, she likes to slow down and run to relieve the tension she faces in her day to day life.

“It gives me an outlet from stress at school and it makes me happy,” Malczewski ‘20 said.

Malczewski hopes to continue and improve her running throughout the rest of her high school career. She hopes to gain an All-State title in track as well.  

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