Colin Rosni ‘16 – Unfortunately, standardized testing is on the rise. This dull manner of testing does not fulfill the ideals of America, instead it pushes towards a Vulcan society. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but this country’s foundation was built off of the ideals of individualism and that of the American Dream. Not a single person in this world dreams about being tested over five days on core subjects that have been tested countless times before.

Other than a waste of time, the M-Step is merely a false representation of high schools around the state. There are much more accurate ways to judge a school’s educational excellence than this government regulated torture.

The ACT is known to be one of the most stressful means of testing, one of which our students have been preparing for since middle school. Because of this, students are checked out of school temporarily, which is natural when large abundances of pressure are lifted from their shoulders. It still doesn’t make any sense that our students should go through another lengthy testing process in order to be more accurately funded.

Not only is the M-Step redundant, but it happens to take place in the middle of AP test preparation. Apparently the government thinks high school students who are preparing for college exams need more on their plates.

Does the State of Michigan realize that some students truly do like to learn in their classes, and that these tests are nothing more than a distraction from allowing schools to serve their purpose? It’s frustrating trying to learn in a class when every other day time has to be set aside to prepare for something totally unrelated to the classes primary focus.

As sad as it is, anyone who’s been within 10 feet of a high school would realize that expecting teenage students to focus their immediate attention to a test that doesn’t directly affect them is ridiculous. Teenager’s attention spans can be compared to that of a squirrel, even before they realize theres no direct connection to them.

However, there is a small minority who try on this test, and when I say few, I really mean few.

“It is important that the school does well on the M-step so the upcoming students have the opportunities that I’ve had.” Quinn Walker ‘16 said. Walker is a known overachiever, and part of the minority that truly gave an effort.

An anonymous student who threw away their score added, “The M-Step was unorganized and it was an insult to our generation for giving us 3 hours to finish 6 questions.”

Students have more than enough on their agenda and preparing for another standardized test that doesn’t even accurately portray their intelligence is uncivil.

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