Allyson Berrios ‘20: When homecoming rolls around, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to preparing for it, especially for the girls. What heels? What color dress? What hairstyle? But this year some girls might be asking, will long sleeve work better? This question arises due to how late homecoming’s landing this year and the chance of chillier temperatures. 

Sophia Romine ‘20, didn’t waste any time deciding a long sleeve is probably the smartest choice this year. 

“I have always liked the thought of a long sleeve dress and the way they look but it has always been too warm previous years, especially inside the gym,” Romine said. “I was hoping with a new school and a late homecoming it would be a great idea to buy a long sleeve dress so I could keep warm and not have to cover up with a jacket.” 

With a similar mindset Courtney Wranosky’s ‘20, considered the possibility of the cold. 

“Knowing the weather was going to be cold definitely influenced my decision this year when it came to purchasing my dress,” Wranosky said. “I know it might be warm in the gym once we enter, but it will also be freezing during pictures and I don’t want to have to freeze.” 

Others, like Haley Golembiewski ‘20, ditched the thought of long sleeves, sticking with a nice jacket to cover up with. 

“I didn’t buy a long sleeve dress because there are less options when it comes to long vs short” Golembiewski said. “However, I do know it is probably going to be very cold so I plan on wearing a nice jacket to keep me warm during pictures, so I’m not as cold.” 

With temperatures chillier this year, it influences decisions this time around. Regardless of if you wear a long sleeve dress, nice jacket, or the usual attire, everyone still enjoys the night.

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