Jake Petz ’14 – Feature Writer

Finishing up a practice in the basement, Lounge Everything prepares their music for upcoming performances. Consisting of an alto saxophone, a piano, a guitar, bass, and drums, Lounge Everything, or “Lounge” for short, is a 6 piece ensemble whose members include Romeo students Leon Adkins (10), Austin Carpenter (12), Jack Engwall (12), Adam Gregersen (12), Jacob Petz (12), and Christopher Zehnpfennig (12). The band incorporates jazz and modern jam elements to create a sound that is all their own.

“We are feeling really great about the live recordings,” Jack Engwall said. “I’m loving how it is getting a very natural organic sound and feel to it”.

Currently, the band gets most of it’s audience from the shows they play, primarily at local venues like Starkweather.

“I am excited to spread our music to the public  I definitely hope for a wide audience, and to get some more gigs,” Zehnpfennig said, explaining what he would like to see out of the band after the filming session.

In order to continue to grow their fanbase, the band is currently writing new music they hope to record songs.

“We are hoping to record a CD soon. We really want to get some good recordings out. Right now all of our recordings are from a phone,” Gregersen said.

Fans of the band can listen to Songs by Lounge Everything on Soundcloud, or they can like their facebook page for updates regarding the band.

 Picture by Fernando Flores

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