Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 – Each year, schools across the nation set aside the month of March to celebrate and promote the individuality and creativity put into student art work, this month is called Youth Art Month. Of many schools across the country to participate in Youth Art Month, Romeo is one of them.

Youth Art Month is set aside to honor and commend students across the district on the artwork they have created throughout the year. It is a win-win, people other than their teachers get to see what the students have been working on, and the students feel like the work they put in matters, as they should.

“I think it’s an important month to have because art isn’t loud necessarily so people don’t always see it, like people go to the football games and the plays, but there isn’t always a place to go and see the artwork,” Mrs. Joseph, the arts teacher said. “So when there is a place or venue that the work is on display, people can see the important things we are doing.”

Each art teacher across the district gets to choose 30 pieces of art to be placed in the showcase. Two RHS juniors, Ambyr McLean and Jennifer Stofflet, are going to be showcased in this year’s Youth Art Month.

“I have a box of chocolates and a flower box in Youth Art Month, and it took me about 2 months to finish each,” Stofflet said. “It feels good to know that my hard work payed off.”

“I made the evil witch from Snow White in clay. It took me about two or three weeks, maybe a month total to finish everything,” Ambyr McLean ‘17 said. “I feel really honored to be a part of this whole thing.”

If you wish to attend and see the amazing work of Romeo students on display, you can see it at the Starkweather Art Center in downtown Romeo. The students’ artwork will be on display until Saturday, March 26th.
The Starkweather Art Center is open Saturday 10am to 4pm. (Ocassionaly open Sunday, check for details.) So go this weekend, check out some local artwork, and immerse yourself in something new!

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