Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Learning the seven basic colors of ROYGBIV growing up seems easy for most kids, but not seeing some colors throughout your life affects the way you live. Mr. Anderson, a Romeo High School teacher, born color blind lives his life a little different than everyone else.

“Generally it’s the red and green spectrems and the colors that is the most difficult for colorblinds,” Anderson said about the colors he’s not able to see.

Color blindness affects many males and remains very common in society. This disability affects eight percent of the male population, according to Color Blind Awareness, an organization created to raise money for color blindness. With that said, many people learn how to do every day tasks differently.

“Picking out clothes to wear sometimes, you always ask somebody and I don’t know if I care that much,” said Anderson about every day challenges.

Picking out outfits on your own usually challenges the everyday person. Imagine not knowing what the color green or red looks like, purple or blue. Life changes in small, but impactful ways.

“It’s usually in a stop light. It is the red and the yellow that looks the most alike for some reason, but they are always in the top, bottom, and middle so it’s not really a big issue,” said Anderson.                                                                                                                   

With his sight challenging him, Anderson takes on different methods to carry on in simple tasks. Learning the order of the stop lights, and he still grew up with basic education, Anderson knows what a stop sign looks like and can read.

Overall, color blindness affects Anderson in his life. He might not live his life differently, but he still finds obstacles he needs to overcome.


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