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The first day of high school is always scary, especially if it is your freshman year. A new building, new classes, new teachers, and new faces. Walking through the doors on your first day can be very exciting, but at the same time very nerve racking. Some students dread their first day of high school, but thanks to Link Crew, students can now be excited for high school.

Link Crew is a student based transition program for only juniors and seniors. A one minute introduction video and application are required for your acceptance into the class.

Many students who are not involved in Link Crew may think that it is nothing but a blow off class, but in reality it is a lot of hard work. Link leaders put in several hours of their free time to help plan and coordinate freshman activities and events. Three days of their summer are spent in the gym planning and preparing for the freshman’s arrival, and freshman say it helps.

“I liked spending more time here before the year started because it made me more comfortable with the school,” freshman, Jacob McGraw says.

Mr. Couch, Mr. Boggio, and Mrs. Walls are the link crew coordinators for the 2013-2014 school year. Like the leaders, they too put in a lot of time and effort to make sure this program is a success.

“Link crew gives freshman a upper level student that will help them with their transition into high school,” Link Crew coordinator, Jason Couch says.

Link leaders are responsible for checking on their link crew students all throughout the year, to make sure they are enjoying the school year. This program helps relieve a lot of stress and helps freshman adapt better to high school.

As leaders, we are expected to be role models and mentors to the underclassmen. Our main goal is to guide freshman in the right direction, and discover what it takes to be successful in their transition into high school and help facilitate their success in the future.

Above: The 2013-2014 Link Crew class. Photo Credit: Rich Boggio

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