Fowler ‘24: Romeo High school now allows for sophomores to park in the school parking lot. Some people agree with this decision while others see this as a bad idea. Most upperclassmen see this yearly change wrong due to the limited parking to begin with.

Ella Lakowski ‘22 feels scared with the sophomores now parking in the same area: “I am scared of getting hit and there being more accidents in the parking lot now that sophomores have the ability to park and not knowing what they are doing, the parking lot is already crowded and this will add to the mess,” Lakowski said.

Sophomores on the other hand completely disagree with the upperclassman. They believe the ability to park in the school parking lot now benefits them rather than gives them any disadvantages.

Aiden Hoban ’24, happy to give his parents a break, loves parking in the school parking lot. “I’m excited to get there and actually drive myself, I won’t have to worry about my parents being late for work or not being able to drive me,” Hoban said.

With both negative and positive opinions on this topic, each side gives very reasonable and realistic responses to this situation. While some students struggle to come to terms with this yearly switch, others find ways to keep the peace.

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