Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: The 2020 Charity Week dance introduces many features never seen before. Different from previous years, student council changes certain aspects in hopes of a better turnout. To earn more money for Charity Week, Student Council decided to come up with a fresh idea for the dance and introduced a new theme: Lights Out. 

The dance takes place on Saturday, February 8th, with Charity Week held the week afterwards due to mid-winter break the following weekend. Tickets became available for purchase the 3rd-7th and ‘Lights Out’ t-shirts the 3rd-14th.

“I feel like it will be a great opportunity with the new theme and it will be a lot of fun this year,” Riley Ameel ‘21 said. “I’m really excited to see everyone glowing in their outfits.”

Student council encourages students to wear casual neon clothing to glow under the black lights. As the dance approaches, students begin searching for their unique outfits, keeping in mind that neon or white clothes glow the best. The school buzzes with the thrill of the new theme of the upcoming dance. The different dynamic compared to dances in the past makes students more excited to buy tickets. 

“I think it will be really cool when it all comes together! There will be some surprises at the dance as well, so I’m excited for everyone to see it,” Claire Spitz ‘20 said. 

With much to look forward to in the upcoming week, such as students participating in spirit days, Charity Week brings much excitement and joy to the average school day. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets and attend the fun new ‘Lights Out’ dance.

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