BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17 – As the leaves begin to change color, so does the scene all over Michigan. Pumpkins sit on steps, ghost figures hang from doors, a gamut of orange and black, purple and green all around. One street in particular takes these festivities to a new level, a street we all know as Tillson. Each year residents on this notorious street bring out boxes upon boxes of decor sure to impress crowds to come.

“We start to take stuff out of the garage two to three weeks before Halloween,” Sarah Sedgwick ‘17, a Tillson resident said. “It could take only one weekend to get everything out if we have a lot of help.”

According to, it is expected that Tillson will have over 75000 visitors, and over 2000 trick or treaters. Though these numbers offer a sense of pride to the people living on Tillson and the work that they put in, it can be difficult for residents to get in and out of their homes.

“It can be kind of annoying because when I want to leave there are people standing in my driveway or on my lawn,” Chloe Alverson ‘17 said. “When I am coming home cars that go down the street will repeatedly stop to look at the displays.”

An annoyance that all the neighbors share is that of the traffic and the late-night crowds. The highly-anticipated weekend before Halloween can be a bit irritating for residents, seeing as the line of cars down the street is a continuous flow, as well as the sea of people walking along the sidewalk.

We all know of the street and the tradition it carries out, but it all began because of one woman named Vicki Lee. According to Alverson, before Lee moved to Tillson she would always decorate her house all-out because the holiday took place on her birthday. When she moved, she carried on this tradition, from which the neighbors did the same. Nowadays, the street prevails as a timeless Halloween hotspot.

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