BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17 – This week there has been an outbreak of lice here at Romeo High School. Lice are about ⅛ inch long , grayish white to red or brown insects that live in human hair. They continually lay eggs that will hatch within 7-10 day of being laid. If you feel itchiness on your scalp, immediately inform your parents.

Using a toothpick or pencil, separate hair and check for them daily. Since lice are fast-spreading, be sure to check everyone in the house. If found, apply lice treatment to hair and scalp with rubber gloves. If the lice still remain, use treatment again at least a week later.

Nits, or empty eggshells left behind by the insects, can be removed with a fine tooth comb. A homemade nit removal concoction can be made with a one part vinegar, one part water solution. Mayonnaise can be used as a suffocant, or lubricant for nit removal. Soak used combs in 130° degree water and separately machine wash clothes and bed linens.
It is advised that anyone infected does not return to school until lice is cleared. After a week of being lice-free, check again to be sure they haven’t returned.

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