Natasha Stevanovich ‘17 – New York Times Bestselling author, Leigh Bardugo returns her fictional world; this time not quite in the memorable country of Ravka, but one not too far in the center of the True Sea, an island called Kerch. Perfect for fans of fast paced action and criminal masterminds.

Six of Crows is loosely based off the concept of Lewis Milestone’s Ocean’s Eleven, set in the same world as Ravka, taking place a few years after the events of Ruin and Rising, previous series written by Bardugo, but does not need to be read in order to read this.

Seventeen year old Kaz “Dirty Hands” Brekker is a criminal mastermind, leader of the Dreggs and feared by all who have any common sense. When Kaz is offered a deal, riches beyond his wildest dreams. All he has to do is break into the Ice Court and steal Bol Yul- Bayur a Grisha scientist who has created something astounding and highly wanted.

Kaz assembles a team of a convict, sharpshooter, runaway, thief, a Grisha Heartrender and his most trusted friend the Wraith. Together this unlikely crew of six go on an incredible journey through storms, rugged terrain, frivolous escapes and greet the doors of death more than they care to count. Each has a deep rooted reason for risking their lives on this stupendous near impossible feat. And for them death is only the beginning.

At the beginning of the book, I was skeptical, Kaz seemed to be all bark and no bite. It was very different from Shadow and Bone and the characters were much darker than Mal and Alina. It was very fixated on the gangs and how the Grisha were treated in places outside of Ravka. The world building from that new angle, was fantastic. It was so much more complex than I ever would have thought. As the story went on and the team was assembled, I thought the book would be very predictable. I turned out to be dead wrong. Every time I thought I figured out the background story, or what would happen next, I was severely mistaken. The brilliance behind each character, their stories, their fears and motive for putting their lives at stake for this suicide mission. It was all so beautiful and mind blowing, I couldn’t put the book down.

The writing flows so steadily it puts you in a trance and won’t let you see the real world until you’ve finished the last line. And once you’ve finished that last line it’ll have you counting down the days until the sequel is released. Relationships between the characters are very complex, and they each have something that connects them all.

“No mourners. No funerals.

Long Live the Dreggs.”

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