Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – In light of the new school year, last year’s dismissal time of 2:20 shifted to 2:25. Students express both negative and positive thoughts while RETC dismissal continues release at 2:10. One building released before the other, a fifteen minute difference.

Many students at RHS distress about the change in time, claiming it throws them off causing confusion regarding the beginning and end of class.

“They changed all of the times and I don’t know when it is time for class,” Dominique Kennard ‘17 said. “And teachers don’t know when either.”

Students and teachers at RHS scramble to prepare for next classes, all the while students and teachers at RETC continue their daily routine calmly, knowing the time.

Yet some students and teachers support the idea of extra time added to the end of the day, deciding to take a positive outlook on the extra time.

“I don’t think the five extra minutes matter, because it is better than adding more days into the summer,” Samantha Foster ‘17 said.

Staff decided that adding more time onto the end of the day received higher recommendations than time into the summer. Students and teachers are pleased with the choice of adding more time in the day than the end of the year. RHS students get more time to work during class, allowing a few to finish before the bell. Teachers also think that the extra time is nice for themselves and students to go over material at the end of class.  

“I think it is okay,” staff member Paul Fugate said. “No negativity about it, no complaining from students.”

Students get more time to work on assignments and cover more content. Even teachers stretch their lesson plans and fulfill examples to full detail. However, the RETC students do not get the same amount of time, leaving unresolved concerns.


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