Angelina Curtis ‘21: In April of 2021, Kiyah Franklin will commit to Youngstown State University to play D1 Volleyball. Franklin will officially sign to continue her academic and athletic career in Ohio. 

With Franklin’s outstanding talent, she held a few different offers on the table. The pressure of choosing a college feels heavy, but Franklin feels Youngstown State is the best fit for her future. 

“One school that stood out above the others was YSU. I chose this school because they made me feel at home within the first 10 minutes of the call,” Franklin said. 

Not only will Franklin be playing her heart out on the court, she also plans to study psychology while at Youngstown State University. 

Ever since sixth grade, Franklin knew she fell in love with the sport volleyball. Her freshman year of high school, she realized her potential and made Romeo’s Varsity Volleyball team, a huge accomplishment as a freshman. 

“I wasn’t very good when I started and thought of quitting but my coaches told me I should keep going. As the years went on I stayed persistent and found my rhythm on the court,” Franklin said.

From passing the ball back and forth against the garage to making her way up to some of the most competitive travel teams in the country all while playing for RVV, Franklin truly worked her hardest to be where she stands today. This hard work will only continue through her final year before arriving at Youngstown State University. 

“When I committed I made it a point to work my absolute hardest so that way I can prove my spot on the team once I get there. The school is paying for my education, housing, etc. The least I can do is put in 100% effort in order to make the team better,” Franklin said. 

As a young adult these prominent achievements show that hard work and dedication can take you anywhere your heart desires. 

Transitioning from a Bulldog to a Penguin, RNews wishes Kiyah the best of luck! 

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