Megan Bieganski ‘18 & Morgan Mueller ‘18: For Charity Week 2017, Romeo High School will raise money for MCREST. Bringing relief to the less fortunate, MCREST is known for traveling around to many  facilities in Macomb, like churches, and providing housing and food to the homeless. Many volunteers are also involved in this cycle. They have decided to become stationary so they can build up their foundation. MCREST plans on building a housing site in Macomb where they hope to have all of the necessities like food, water, bedding, counseling, and many more amenities to help get people back on their feet.

Charity Week 2017 is scheduled for January 30th to February 3rd. The week includes many after-school/extra-curricular activities that contribute to the fundraising in which the public is welcome. For students and staff, there are spirit days for everyday of the week to get people involved and in the mood to help out so we can be successful in raising money and pay it forward to MCREST. These activities and spirit days are as followed:


  • Spirit Day: Hat Day
  • Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings in Shelby twp.


  • Spirit Day: College Day
  • Girls Home Basketball Game- 7pm


  • Spirit Day: Romeo Wear
  • Boys Home Basketball Game- 7pm


  • Spirit Day: Neon Day
  • Mr. Bulldog Competition


  • Spirit Day: Charity Week Shirts
  • Pep Assembly


  • Charity Week Dance, “Hoco 2.0”

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