Megan Ferguson ‘19: Moving away from home is a huge change. Moving approximately 2,463 miles away, is a whole different story. Leaving Romeo, the Kesselring’s packed their bags and headed to the Golden State of California.  

From 50 degree weather to 70 degree weather.

The Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean .

Eastern time zone to Pacific time zone.

From pine trees to palm trees, Michigan is the polar opposite of California.

“The biggest difference is the culture, no two people are from the same background [in California] so it’s been a huge culture shock and a lot of adapting,” Padyn Kesselring ‘19 said. “The best thing about California is that I have family here, it was the point of moving and staying close to those who mean so much and who you love. I know in my heart that I moved for the right reasons so there’s not much regret just more so a homesickness.”

Although Padyn moved for the right reasons, he is still missed dearly throughout the community.

“Padyn was so fun to be around and always took the best out of every situation,” Kayden Doherty ‘19 said.

Throughout his years at Romeo, Padyn created a rather large group of people who knew his name.

“Padyn and I got really close over the past couple years, with us both being associated with the baseball team,” Matthew Hutnick ‘18 said. “I always know I can count on him for anything, he can turn my day around with just his presence. He’s like a brother to me and not even distance can change that. I miss you Padyn, come back soon.”

For many, Padyn was less like a friend, and more like family. He is someone that can be counted on for anything.

“I miss Padyn a lot but I know that the move was very good for him,” Mckenna Speed ‘19 said. “He is a very family based individual and has always loved California, I know he is adjusting well.”

Even though moving can be a huge change, having a good support system, both in Michigan and California, guided and diminished the homesickness that arose as Padyn adjusted to the atmosphere of his new home.  

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