Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: Amongst all of the local businesses in Romeo, K-Block’s Fire Pit BBQ becomes one of the newest and tastiest of them all. Aiming to provide a friendly, welcoming environment, K-Block’s draws in people from all over to experience their homemade, high-quality barbeque. Working in the restaurant business for about 30 years, Brian Knoblock decided to pursue his hopes of owning his very own BBQ restaurant.  

K-Block’s serves a variety of meats such as brisket, ribs, and pulled pork, as well as some outstanding sides including “piggy mac”, cornbread, and coleslaw. These house favorites keep customers coming back and wanting more. Expanding and moving to a different location, K-Block’s plans on adding new items to the menu and recently hired a new addition to the kitchen staff as well. 

“We use high quality ingredients and tested recipes,” Brian Knoblock said. “We take pride in what we do and set the bar high for our contenders.”

Testing recipes on friends, family members, and coworkers, K-Block’s ensures that they serve only the best quality food. The new chef offers a different mix to their menu, which makes their barbeque even more special. K-Block’s combines different flavors and styles of cooking to offer a unique twist on traditional barbeque.

“We have about 30 new items coming soon. It’s barbeque that’s been fused with southern and Creole. We are also adding cajun shrimp that our families go nuts over,” Kendra Knoblock said.

Growing for three years now, K-Block’s continues to add new foods to the menu to keep customers flowing in. The warm dining offers a pleasant environment for people to come in and enjoy their food. Focused on getting the restaurant up and running, workers adjust to new provisions that come with the re-opening of businesses to provide a welcoming space for customers to dine in.

“We want customers to come to the restaurant and be full and enjoy what they had,” Brian Knoblock said. “Food should be an experience and barbeque is not cuisine, it’s culture. So, we want families to be able to come in and have a nice experience and enjoy the atmosphere.”

Not only do they warmly welcome indoor dining, they offer lots of choices for their very own catering. Hoping to expand the business in the future, K-Block’s looks forward to adding some more locations in years to come.

If you’re looking for quality barbeque and a welcoming environment, head over to K-Blocks’ new location near 31 Mile and Van Dyke.

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