Taylor Mueller ‘16- Everyday, millions of girls turn to YouTube for help with beauty and style. With thousands of tutorial videos available at our fingertips, it’s the easiest and fastest way to learn how to do a quick smoky eye, or see the latest cute dress from Forever 21. Not only is it fun for girls to make these videos, it’s turned into an industry. YouTube stars such as Michelle Phan and Bethany Moto have turned their homemade videos into million dollar businesses, all starting from a computer screen.

Here at Romeo, we have our very own up and coming YouTuber, Katie Betzing ‘15. Betzing had the idea of making her own videos after seeing a few online.

“I saw some other videos, and I knew they had to be making money off of them,” Betzing said. “It looked like fun and I love editing videos, so I thought I should try it out.”

After uploading her first video just one year ago, she has just over 7,000 subscribers (and counting) and 42 total videos, each ranging from 1,000 to 175,000 views. Betzing covers DIY projects, shopping hauls, hair, makeup, and nail tutorials, and anything else that she believes will come in handy to her subscribers.

Often in high school, success can come with jealousy and negativity. Betzing is aware of the “hater” mentality, but chooses to ignore the cynicism.

“At the end of the day I’m making money and loving what I’m doing,” Betzing said. “Honestly everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant to me.”

In just one year, Betzing has found her niche. With over 7,000 followers, she not only enjoys what she is doing but she is making money while doing it.

Here is a preview of one of Betzing’s videos:

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