Sean Webber ‘17 — A 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit Michigan on May 5th at 12:23 PM. The quake originated nine miles southeast of Kalamazoo in Galesburg, Michigan and although earthquakes are rare in Michigan and the epicenter was far away, it was felt here at home.

“I was in church for my cousin’s confirmation and it was really quiet,” Cole Rapp ‘16 said. “A little bit after twelve I felt the bench start shaking.”

Oddly, it did affect at least one stereo system.

“I was at a dance competition and the speakers went wonky for a second,” Jordan Lampton ‘16 said.

Thankfully, no major damage was caused by the quake. It only rattled lawn chairs, small objects, and the nerves of people paying close enough attention.

“I was in my room and all of a sudden it started shaking,” Emma Delie ‘16 said. “The water glass in my nightstand started shaking. It lasted about ten seconds, and then it was over.”

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