Ximena Renteria ‘20: The sweet scent of barbecue sauce lingers in the air, friendly faces everywhere. The sight of mouthwatering foods that makes any person ask for seconds, present at every table. One wishes to imagine the paradise of spending their day picking apples and ending it by eating from an award-winning lineup of food created by an expert pit boss.

Brian Knoblock and our very own Kendra Knoblock, teacher and director of the Romeo Theatre Company, opened up a new restaurant, K-Block’s Fire Pit BBQ, next to Miller’s Big Red Apple Orchard. The couple find themselves very excited to see so many people in the Romeo community interested in their new BBQ establishment. Since opening, the Knoblock’s found the people of Romeo made the place their own. 

“I find that it’s almost like we have a barbeque version of Cheers,” said Knoblock. “Every time you walk in it’s like “Hey!”, it’s Romeo! Everybody knows everybody it seems like” 

The award winning pitmaster, “Bubba”, is the mastermind behind the savory menu. Credited with assisting in the opening of several restaurants in the state of Michigan, he added his own special touch to every item.

When asked about how long she’d been dreaming of owning a restaurant she responded “No, not really, I think it was [my husbands] dream. My dream is to retire in the Bahamas” Knoblock wittily said. Her husband often thought of opening a place of his own, finally getting the opportunity.

“We got the best ribs, we’ve got the best brisket, so the food is off the charts,” Kendra said, assuring that when you eat at the Fire Pit, you’ll be back for more. That’s certain though when you read the menu: ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket, mac and cheese, street corn, and so much more. The majority of the items on their menu cooked using a smoker to achieve the best taste.

The ambience of K-Blocks Fire Pit only enhances the experience that diners enjoy while dining. The rustic yet charming location seems to become more defined when meals arrive at the tables. The running joke that Mrs. Knoblock declares they make: smells are free but tastes are even better.

Opening a restaurant they found to be no easy task, though. The Knoblocks needed to refurbish, promote, and cook for the restaurant in only a matter of weeks as it’s currently apple picking season which draws more of a crowd to Big Red. 

The stress of the paperwork and exhausting preparation seems to be worth it for the Knoblocks as they have found their new place quite in demand. Their combined 30+ years of experience including catering for events proves to be paying off quite well.

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