McComb ’24: As the SATs and PSATs take place, students in both the 9th grade academy and the highschool gear up to take the test. Freshman and sophmores practice their skills with the PSAT, juniors take the real thing, and seniors enjoy a nice break. Testing started on Wednesday and extends to Thursday for juniors. A separate test takes place on Wednesday, April 20th. 

Testing started on Wednesday, April 13th. While the other grades took their tests, the seniors attended the senior meeting from 8:00 – 9:30 in the auditorium. Freshman and sophomores finished at 11:30, and the juniors finished a little later at 12:45. The buses picked students up at the normal time in the morning, and they drove them back home at 11:30. Since the juniors finished later, they found their own rides home. 

Each student shared a different opinion on what they think of the test, and their grade level often affected their opinion. 

Connor McDonough ‘24 enjoys the shortened week that the tests bring, “I think that it eases us back into a steady school schedule coming off of spring break, at least for sophomores, for juniors not so much” McDonough said. 

Kionna Dailey ‘23 holds a neutral view of the SAT, but dislikes the school schedule, “The more I take the test, the less nerves I have everytime it comes around. The test was fine, but having it so early in the morning really is a downside” Dailey ‘23 said. 

The first test reached its end, but the assessments continue. 

On Thursday only the juniors test. They arrive at the highschool at the normal time and test until 11:20, when they then start their school day. Seniors and sophomores enter school at 11:20 and go through their white day schedule with 40 minute classes until 2:16. The freshmen enjoy a regular school day.  

Despite no school on Friday and the end of the SATs and PSATs, testing still continues. On Wednesday, April 20th, juniors take the MSTEP test. School still begins at 7:25 for them, but with a modified schedule. Similarly to their Thursday schedule, they test in the morning, eat lunch, then start a shortened school day. Seniors and sophomores arrive at 11:20 and attend their red day classes. 

Some students love the tests for limiting class time, others hate it for its tediousness. Either way, the SATs, PSATs, and MSTEP remain a crucial part of middle and high school and a staple of student life.

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