Szlaga ‘22: The powder puff football game: an exciting event put together for the spirit week of homecoming. Juniors and seniors sign up for an all-girls flag football game taking place on Tuesday, October 12th. At Romeo High School, boys sign up to coach and hold practices to prepare the girls for this game. Every football player gets the chance to participate in the cheering that usually goes on at their football games. This year, the student council wants to try to make the powder puff game a big fundraiser for the senior class’ prom. 

Last year at the annual powder puff game, the seniors lost a big upset. The class of 2022 made history by beating the class of 2021. The seniors this year hope to uphold this streak and win for the second year in a row. Ashley Myers ‘22 took part in last year’s powder puff game. “I loved playing in the game last year, it was so much fun being a part of the team. My favorite memory was when I sacked the QB everyone was so hype when that happened,” Myers said.

In an unfamiliar situation for the girls, coaches play a big part of the game to teach them the rules of how to play. They make the experience seem real by pushing the girls and helping them learn plays. Returning coach Nicco Destefanis ‘22, seems excited to see the outcome of the seniors this year. “I love being a part of the coaching staff and I am excited to beat the juniors this year. The best part of the game is when the coaches get to get dressed up, I think it is super funny,” Destefanis said.

The juniors try to repeat what happened last year, defeating the senior class. Hailey Szydlik ‘23 feels honored to play in this year’s game. “I am super excited to play in my first powder puff game, I play football with my family sometimes but I think it will be cool to play with my friends and against the seniors,” Szydlik said.

This event always brings a lot of students together and changes things up with girls playing instead of guys. Everyone gets an opportunity to play a part of the team, creating a fair chance for every student to enjoy themselves and show school spirit.

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