Madison VonHiltmayer ‘18 & Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18 – Numerous high school students have the challenging task of balancing homework, sports, clubs, and jobs. As cross country team captain, editor and chief of newspaper, head of the peer mediation program, treasurer of National Honors Society, leader of worship at her church, musician, and nearly full time photographer, Julia Knepper knows how difficult balancing everything can be first hand. However, she still manages to make it all work.

“There’s many hours of photoshoots, piled on top of many hours of editing, piled on top of races, and band practices with my church, but I somehow manage to still find time,” Knepper ‘17 said. “I try to get all my school work done during the day, so when I get home from practice I can just edit right away.”

Although she is passionate about all of her hobbies and extra circulars, photography is by far her favorite.

At first, she admired landscape photos, but eventually fell in love with portraying people at their finest. In fact, this past summer, she started her own personal photography business. Knepper’s photos vary from senior, family, couple, sports or other special occasions, with very reasonable pricing. Over the past few months, her success has skyrocketed.

“I’ve always loved taking pictures of everything and anything, mostly nature, but when I tried taking some pictures of my friends for fun, I fell in love with it. I like capturing people just the way they are, but making them look their best,” Knepper 17’ said. “It’s a very fulfilling thing.”

Needless to say, Knepper does not disappoint when it comes to making her clients happy.

“I think she’s an amazing photographer who has a lot of talent. She also makes you feel comfortable and you have a good time, she’s just an overall good person,” Easterwood ‘17 said.

Knepper has questioned if she believes this would result in a future career after becoming so successful.

“I never thought of it as a career path until it was such a success and now I’m considering it,” Knepper ‘17 said. “Or maybe I’ll make it a side job.”

One can definitely say that Julia Knepper is quite extraordinary. Her dedication and determination in school, athletics, music, and photography is truly inspiring. This girl is definitely going places. With such a positive attitude and mindset, is there anything she can’t do?

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