Marina Belloli ‘19: Jordan Hinkley ‘19, with an outstanding SAT and GPA, qualified for Macomb County All-Academic. Earning All Academic honors added just another achievement to his long list of accolades. With all of the hard work and determination in the last four years for Hinkley, all the great accomplishments begin to present themselves. With making top ten to being awarded All-Academic, Hinkley excited and optimistic for his future at the University of Michigan.

Hinkley said, “All Academic is based on a combination of SAT and GPA. and I believe the principals select people in the county, I think five people from each school. It felt good not to just necessarily get the award but to get a high GPA and SAT score,” said Hinkley. “Based on everyone in the county my GPA and SAT scores combined to qualify me”.

With one of the highest grade point averages in Romeo High School, Hinkley won a spot in Top 10, coming in with a class rank of third.  

“I found out when they announced Top 10, which was a month or two ago. I was excited and happy that I made Top 10. To also get the news of All-Academic around the same time was cool,” Hinkley said.

Congratulations to Jordan Hinkley and all the amazing accomplishments in his high school career!

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