BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17 – Newspaper, leading you to a future in the editorial world, and giving students not only creative freedom, but the freedom to run the program on their own. Editors are in charge of the publication, and students get to choose what they write each and every week. Though it is a high school class, newspaper runs like a real publication, and prepares students for what a career in journalism would be like.

“It prepares you for working in a team, and how nothing works unless everyone puts in 100%,” Natasha Stevanovich ‘17, a current newspaper student said. “It also helps with my people-skills, since I have to go out and interview students I don’t know.”

Since the publication is an open forum, the pressure is high for Co-Editor-in-Chief’s Mackenzie Sprecher ‘16 and Quinn Walker ‘16. Their job is to look over stories and ensure they are up-to-par for publishing and meet all the legal requirements therefore, standards are set high in their position.

“Being editor is a lot of responsibility, making sure stories get done right and put up on time,” Walker said. “I like having responsibility, because it keeps me motivated.”

The incorporation of news as well as opinion, sports and other categories gives students the ability to share their voice, while offering a platform to voice their thoughts to a large audience; one that has expanded exponentially since the transition to an all online publication.

The RNews website,, has had an incredible amount of traffic in recent years since it’s launch in 2013. In November 2014, RNews acquired 2968 views and by October of 2015, the site peaked at 7463 views.

“I find that having an online publication is just all around a better plan,” Azja Stroud ‘16, website manager said. “It makes it easier to connect to the entire community, while also being relatable for the student body.”

Newspaper is the voice of the RHS, and each member has the ability to impact the school with the power of words. A strong student body is an informed one, and the only way to ensure that is with a staff of people who have a true passion for writing, ready to make a change in the community and better their writing for the future.

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