Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: Romeo takes pride in the talented students, athletes, and artists that succeed throughout the district, developing honorable and intelligent students that empower others and achieve their goals. Amongst these students, senior Jenna Knepper works hard in and out of the classroom to accomplish things she believed to be far out of reach.

Entering the Scholastics Art Competition at the very last minute, Knepper kept an open mind and low expectations of going far in the competition. However, Knepper’s sculpture of an African bust earned her a gold honor, surpassing thousands of other candidates that entered the competition.

“I ended up receiving a gold key in my art category which really surprised me,” Knepper said. “I had no idea that the gold key medalist went on to compete for national awards so I was even more surprised when I learned that I got a national gold medal on my African bust sculpture.”

Winning a national award remains no easy achievement. Knepper spent months perfecting and sculpting her piece of artwork that eventually led to her gold medal. Knepper hesitantly entered the competition, unsure of what to expect from her artwork. However, through this process she extends her artistic knowledge and learns to love the art of sculpting.

“Creating art more professionally is pretty new to me and I have absolutely loved getting to learn more about sculpture and all of the aspects of working and creating art out of clay,” Knepper said.

In any normal year, awardees attend a ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York to honor the national winners. However, this year looks a little different while they work to still create a special virtual ceremony for the awardees. Knepper expresses her gratitude for the ability to learn more about sculpture and to those who helped along the way. 

“I want to give a huge thank you to my ceramics teacher Mrs. Joe for always helping me with all my creative pursuits and pushing me to enter this competition in the first place,” Knepper said.

Knepper possesses a hard work ethic that helps her in accomplishing her goals. Combined with her creative talents and artistic ability, Knepper placed as one of the top students in the nation for the Scholastics Art Competition, which deserves a huge congratulations.

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