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Everyday, Mrs. Harbison comes to school ready to teach and mentor her students. Students are not afraid to ask questions in her class and are easily entertained in her classroom because creativity is promoted.  For these reasons and many more, Mrs. Stephanie Harbison has been awarded staff member of the month.

Harbison received a Bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University with English and Speech as her major and minor. She then attended Marygrove University to receive her Masters in Education. After that, she continued her education at Oakland University for her masters credits. Currently in her eleventh year at Romeo High School, it is apparent that she is very dedicated to what she does for the school.

“My goal is to make learning fun so I try to have a lot of energy,” Harbison said.  “In an English class that can be hard. But video production and forensics is a little bit easier to lend to that.”

During her college days, Mrs. Harbison was dedicated to her studies and becoming the best teacher she could. The dedication she once spent studying now shines through in her unique, interactive teaching styles. Mrs. Harbison is completely committed to her students.

“I try to give the kids examples of what I expect,” Harbison said. “I put myself in their shoes, and think if I were a student what would i need from my teacher and I try to give that to my kids.”

While Mrs. Harbison was very excited and honored to be named staff member of the month, she took more pride in the fact that the students are a big part of her success over herself.

“I think its awesome!” Harbison said, “Its an awesome experience because it makes me feel like not only have I been recognized, but more importantly my programs are getting recognition which is a direct relation to my students.”

Mrs. Harbison takes  pride in her programs and the way the students make it possible to have a successful program. With classes like Video Production, she lets her students take responsibility and run the class.

“With Video Production, I give the kids the skills and then they run with it,” Harbison said. “Video Production and Forensics is a representation of the kids that are in that program. My programs getting noticed is always a good thing.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Harbison for being January’s Staff Member of the Month

Michaela Scarsella ’14 – Student Life Editor

Upon walking into Mrs. Coates’ classroom, the care, hard work, and tenacity she puts into her work quickly becomes apparent. Her teaching style echoes that of a well run business, which falls directly in line with where her interests lie, both in and out of the classroom. On top of teaching Accounting I and II, Business Management Technology, Web Design, and Co-Op at RETC, Coates also advises the Business Professionals of America (BPA) for Romeo, an organization geared toward preparing young individuals for future careers in business.

“Part of the reason I went into business is so I had something to fall back on,” Coates said.

If not for becoming a teacher, Coates knows she would be working in the business field. Coates earned her Bachelor’s Degree, in Business Education and Office Education from Northern Michigan University and then her Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College. That business background provides her with some real world experience for her favorite class.

“[Accounting is] my very favorite. I like the organization of accounting and I think it’s a great class for high school students to take before they enter college. I loved high school accounting.”

However, life is not all about business for Coates.

Having taught 18 out of her 20 years total in the Romeo Community Schools District, it has become a home as well as a place of work.

“Romeo is a great community to raise kids, has an excellent school district, and I live in the community. I wanted my son to go here. It’s a nice rural district,” Coates said.

Congratulations to Mrs. Coates for being chosen as January’s Staff Member of the Month!

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