Megan Ferguson ‘19: Running in the cross country state meet is a big accomplishment for any high school runner. Not only is your hard work and dedication to the sport displayed, but also your strength, speed and endurance as a runner. Running as only a sophomore, Jack Wilson placed 9th of 245, running a time of 15:29.

Preparing for the state championship race everyday, Wilson began his training during the summer, which included aqua jogging and varying length runs.

“It’s a range,” Jack Wilson ‘20 said. “Some days we will have easier days like 5 to 6 miles. We will have other days when it’s higher mileages, 8 to 9 miles.”

Not only does running involve physical athletic ability, having a good mental attitude can help give a leg up against the other competition.

“You have to focus on doing your best,” Wilson said.

Along with physical and mental aspects, having the right support system can also aid in achieving the best time possible.

“The team, coaches, family, family friends, and Mr. Lamb came to support me,” Wilson said.

Part of Wilson’s support system include his brother, Charlie, who also runs varsity cross country, and his sister, Emma, who runs at Syracuse University.

“It’s good competition,” Wilson said, when asked about the rivalry between the siblings.

Pre-run rituals also can help give confidence, and determination knowing that this action, could have helped lead to success in previous races.

“I always eat my oatmeal, every race,” Wilson said.

With the future bright for Wilson, he is expecting much out of the future and is excited for what his next two years of running with Romeo will bring.

“It feels good,” Wilson said. “It gives you a lot of confidence.”

Not only did Wilson place top 10 at the championship meet, he is also #1 on the top cross country board for boys at Romeo, running a time of 15:25, which isn’t a small feat.

Wilson put blood, sweat, and tears into training and preparing for the state championship race, all his hard work has finally paid off with the first of many big victories.

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