Charlie Wilson ‘20: Jack WIlson ‘20 committed to Butler University to continue his cross country and track career, officially signing this past December.

Butler University is a private university of nearly 4,500 undergraduates, located just a few miles south of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Butler also boasts unique tradition with their prized mascot –Butler Blue– a real life bulldog who attends Butler sporting events and walks around campus everyday, greeting students.

“It’s cool that I don’t have to change mascots and it should be really fun to see Butler Blue on campus being that I grew up with bulldogs in my house and think they’re really funny dogs,” Wilson said.

Wilson also considered Temple (PA), Michigan State, and Bradley (IL) in his college search process.

“I chose Butler because I knew it was the best fit for me to continue both my academic and athletic career. I also was interested in attending an out of state college, so I knew Butler would be a unique and exciting experience,” Wilson said. 

With Butler consistently knocking on the door for the cross-country national meet and among the top 20% medical programs in the country, Wilson hopes to contribute to Butler’s success on the track and attain the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill a career in the medical field, preferably a career in the ER.  

“I just want to contribute to the success of the team, whether I make the champion lineup or not, but running in the NCAA D1 cross-country championship meet has always been a dream of mine,” Wilson said.

Since 8th grade, Wilson’s dreams consisted of a constant commitment as he trains for at least two hours every day, eleven months out of the year. His most notable achievements include three consecutive All-State finishes at the MHSAA state finals and the school record in the 5k. 

“I’ve always dreamed of running in college for a program like Butler. I’m just very proud to say it has finally come true and thankful for my coach and teammates for all their help and support,” Wilson said.

RNews wishes Wilson the best of luck in his college career. 

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