Jenna Knepper ‘21: Students all around Michigan gather for the Thespian Festival to compete in theatre arts. Romeo High School brought many talented thespians to experience this amazing opportunity. A senior at Romeo High, Isabella Capanda ‘19 competed in the Thespian Festival for her third year in a row.

“Thespian Festival is a big convention where people from all over the state, actors and tech, compete in different workshops. It is just a really fun place to go and everyone is so nice to each other,” Capanda said.

From freshman to senior year, Capanda became a vital member of Romeo’s Theatre Company tech team. Capanda performed in the sound portion of Thespian hoping for a scholarship.

“Over 1,000 people came out to the Thespian Festival in Grand Rapids. I auditioned for the Michigan Thespian Society Scholarship and competed in sound design,” Capanda said.

With the stakes high, this performance resulted in hours of hard work but Isabella pulled off an amazing performance stunning the audience. All her time and work paid off as Capanda won the award she dreamt about all year.

“I presented a show and had to display how I was inspired to make sound effects, assign mics, and create the show sounds,” said Capanda.

Romeo High school remains proud of all the competitors from Romeo that put so much time and effort into showcasing their passions and talents to the rest of the state’s Thespians.

“There are four different levels of awards; fair, good, excellent, and superior. There were 32 people competing for the scholarship and only ten of those people were chosen for the award. Those ten people were top ten in the state,” Capanda said “I won the Michigan Thespian Society Scholarship and was awarded $500 for anything college related. I plan on going into Audio Production. I don’t know know if I will be going exactly into theatre but I will be doing audio and this definitely will help because it is a really big accomplishment.”

With much excitement from her whole family, Capanda enjoys the endless support. Taking the next steps into her future career, Isabella Capanda remains thankful for the opportunity Thespian Festival provided to her.

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