McComb ‘24: All signs point to a normal school year: the Homecoming dance, football games, full in-person school, and extracurricular activities taking place. But the coronavirus lockdown was not that long ago, and close contact quarantines still happen. The effect of the pandemic remained for some, and school never returned to normal. Others feel how they felt pre-COVID-19. 

Evalyn Vires ‘23 takes the middle ground, “I feel like for the most part school’s back to normal, it’s not at 100 percent though,” Vires said.

Many school events remain, although modified for this year. Last year, the coronavirus prevented Homecoming. This year it is happening, but in two parts. Freshman and Sophomores, as well as a Juniors and Senior dance. Precautions and restrictions exist, but after a worldwide pandemic and lockdown they seem minor. Besides the dance itself, the parade, spirit week, and of course the football game continue. These remain important events in students’ lives, since they provide a break from school work.

In the classroom, teachers make an effort to continue school regularly. COVID-19 cases still happen though, so precautions take place. Social distancing continues, although scaled down from last year. Close contact quarantines also remain a risk for everyone, but the rules surrounding them loosen, bringing school closer to normal activity. Masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes remain in classrooms. They stay available for students and teachers wishing for a cleaner environment. They also show how COVID-19 remains present in our daily lives.

Vires sees the end of the coronavirus happening sooner rather than later, “I think for the most part the pandemic is slowing down,” Vires said.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a middle ground in schools after a year and a half. The school environment itself suggests a return to normalcy. But the continued talk of the pandemic means the feeling never returned to its prior state. After lockdown and over a year under the coronavirus, settling for missing the normal vibe but continuing normal school events seems like a gift.

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