Mikela Gorski 15’

Minimum wage for Michigan workers increased last year around Labor Day from $7.40 to $8.15, but still greed and the need for more has once again pushed Michigan protesters to petition to raise minimum wage to $15. It seems to be forgotten that inflation is a natural aspect of our economy. Still, the disadvantages that arise for teenagers who work for minimum wage are endless.

“Working for minimum wage isn’t too bad and I don’t think they should raise it but I think that some people deserve more money depending on the job,” Savannah Jenuwine ‘15 said.

Most working teenagers are not yet responsible for making house payments or bills. A majority of kids will be able to live their day to day lives with more ease while attending college with a raised wage. The problem, however, is that petitioners seem to be oblivious of the fact that raising minimum wage leads to unemployment for some teens. When wages increase, employers frequently cut back on hiring younger kids. Employers are unable to afford unskilled and inexperienced workers. With every cause, there’s an effect.

“Working for minimum wage isn’t bad because I like my job at Stony Creek Roadhouse and the people I work with. They don’t have to raise it but I wouldn’t mind more money,” Courtney Paver ‘15 said.

Raising the minimum wage can offset the average cost of living, as well as get more non-working individuals motivated. They will be more intrigued that they can make more money while working a mediocre job. Some agree that not only is it tough to make ends meet on minimum wage, but it’s difficult to understand how one has to clear the whole entire day for a job that makes barely enough money for a one bill.

“Raising the minimum wage will mostly better single earners with kids,” Epi Online said. Of course, increasing minimum wage may seem to be a nice decision, but it affects a lot of other age groups negatively.

Many concur that minimum wage has numerous benefits, but many faults are still apparent.

“Minimum wage isn’t made to raise a family. It’s made to provide jobs for the youth. So no I don’t think it should get raised,” Michelle Syty ‘15 said.

Keep in mind that the younger generation is the future of the world. Minimum wage may not be the greatest idea for teenagers.



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