Isabella Capanda ‘19 and Hannah Pacitti ‘19: As the 2018 football season begins, so does a new tradition honoring Gavin Miller. Each week the Bulldogs will pass on the beloved #57 jersey in remembrance of him. The jersey is gifted to those whose actions or behaviors are “Gavin like.” As a team, Coach Rienas along with the Miller family, brought forth a significant way to remember Miller. Each Friday, Rienas and Bret Miller pick someone new to pass the jersey on to. The community also plays a big role in nominating future participants by filling out slips located at local restaurants and businesses in Romeo.

“I’m humbled, honored, and touched knowing the football team and community picked me. When Bret asked me I cried,” Page said. “It made me feel so good knowing I represented him in such a way. I am beyond grateful. I miss him every single day, he was supposed to be in my AP German class this year.”

After teaching Miller for three years, Frau Page received the jersey last week from Miller’s brother, Bret. With each person who is chosen to wear #57 across their back, Millers legacy will continue on to symbolize the whole hearted, funny, and caring person the community of Romeo will never forget.

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