“Mrs. Bruno was always such an enthusiastic teacher. Whether it was Monday in first hour or Friday in sixth hour, she always filled the classroom with energy and fun. Mrs. Bruno was always there for her students if they needed help with their work, or even if they just wanted to talk Mrs. Bruno made such a positive impact on Romeo High School and she will be greatly missed.” Emma Kinney

“Mrs. Bruno was really good at teaching in an excellent way and encouraged students to learn. I have a lot of good memories from that class.” Jenna Berger (12)

“I really liked how Mrs. Bruno was always energetic and not a boring teacher like some. The best part of her class was going over vocab on little whiteboards because it was always a race of who got them up first. Some good memories were when she would put on a Spanish cartoon that was hilarious.” Connor Bogdanski (10)

“Mrs. Bruno was one of my favorite teachers. Not only was she a good teacher, but she was a great person. She was so sarcastic and so funny and made it very easy to learn Spanish. She also accommodated for the Powell kids who were not as prepared for high school spanish. She also made me feel special in remembering my name even when I was no longer in her class. She even remembered it this year.” Alicia Arnold (12)

“I was in the copy room, feeling really frustrated because I had just lost the class elections, Mrs. Bruno just told me how proud she was of me and made me laugh and smile. She was good at that.” Molly Michaels (11)

“Mrs. Bruno was an amazing teacher. She was a really great teacher, it was crazy because I actually met her parents and they were also great people. Mrs. Bruno will be missed greatly by everyone, and especially by me.” Tiarrah Sova (10)

“I was so blessed and fortunate to have Mrs. Bruno for 2 years. She was such a wonderful person and a great Spanish teacher. Learning a 2nd language is not easy but she was always willing to help and explain. I have so many amazing memories and good laughs from her class. It is so devastating to see her go. I will continue to pray for everyone affected by this tragedy. Heaven has gained a beautiful angel who will now look over and protect her loving family. She is missed dearly but memories will be kept in our hearts.” Rachael Boeve (12)

“One thing I will never forget about Debbie is how she would always peek into my classroom after school to say hi if she was walking by. I always knew who was at my door when I heard the distance sound of Debbie’s voice. We will miss our loyal friend.” Robert Leitzel

“Words can’t describe how wonderful and amazing Mrs. Bruno was. I’ve known her for several years seeing her at school and at the studio where her daughter and I dance. She will be truly missed throughout the Romeo Community and will always have a special place in our hearts.” Jordan Rampton )

“I will never forget Debbie’s enthusiasm for change! After spending multiple years with my room in the foreign language hall (Room 303), I came to know how driven and unswayed in her missions she was! Whether it was in regard to environmental air quality, or fighting for teachers contractual rights, she was always wearing her proverbial “boxing gloves” and ready to duke it out! I will always be awestruck by her energy and passion. I think we could all learn a lot about life, and how to fight for what we love from Debbie. Thank you and God bless you Debbie!” Scott Taubitz

“Mrs. Bruno was a great teacher. She was serious when she needed to be and fun when we needed a little laugh. Mrs Bruno was always willing to help and will be a teacher I will never forget.” Adam Davis(12)

“I had Mrs. Bruno one semester in ninth grade and I really enjoyed her class and her personality as a teacher. It is one of the reasons why I continued with Spanish.” George Wilson (12)

“Where do I begin? Mrs. Bruno was one of the greatest teachers I have had during High School. She was very intelligent and extremely passionate about her career. Mrs. Bruno always had a smile on her face and never gave up on her students. She helped me tremendously with Spanish and I will never stop thanking her even though she is gone. I will miss Mrs. Bruno very much and I am truly blessed to have known her.“ Sotiria Seremetis (12)

“Mrs. Bruno was a wonderful teacher who will be missed greatly at RHS. I had her as a freshman and I was in a class with many older students. We had a group project as our final and I worked with two seniors and  a juniors. After the video project was over, she told me how great of a job I had done and how much potential she saw in me. Mrs. Bruno taught me so much that year and was the reason I continued to AP Spanish. I’ll never forget the lessons Mrs. Bruno taught me.” Olivia Tsafantakis (12)

 “Debbie was a dedicated teacher, friend, and mother. She did what she though was right for students no matter what. She also had a strong creative side, and after retirement she planned to write a children’s book about a mouse. Maybe too trivial, but she mentioned the mouse book to me on more than one occasion.” Kristine deVaux


“Mrs. Bruno was a great teacher who had so much enthusiasm and passion for her job. Being in her class for two years really made me enjoy Spanish. Mrs. Bruno definitely had good strategies for teaching and helping me understand the language. I also owe Mrs. Bruno a special thank for pairing me up with my Spanish partner on the first day of High School, who is now my best friend and long term boyfriend for over 2 years now, she will truly be missed.” Haley Keary (12)

“Mrs. Bruno was an excellent teacher who really enjoyed teaching. She was so enthusiastic about the new lessons and homework. My favorite memory was when I was in a talkative class, so Mrs. Bruno called the class “gatos malos”. Also, there was a “triangle of doom” in the class because three guys were always talking and I was in the center of their triangle.” Linzi Hobbs (12)

“My favorite memory of Mrs. Bruno would have to be of showing her the script my group came up with for our Spanish video . She was so enthusiastic about the idea and was really excited to see the video. Then, when she finally got to see it, she loved it so much that she showed it to all of her other classes.” Kelsey Hobbs(12)

“Senora Bruno was one of my favorites. She Constantly yelled at me to do my work and made me a better student in the end and I can’t thank her enough.” Brendan Bancah (10)

“I remember my sophomore year, on multiple occasions Senora Bruno called me a ‘“gato malo” (bad cat) and had a spray bottle. The class laughed about it and it was pretty funny.” Cody Stankiewicz (12)

“I knew Mrs. Bruno since I was in elementary school. I was good friends was Isa so I saw her often. Then in 10th grade she was my Spanish II teacher. I’m glad her suffering has ended but she will be missed dearly”. Shelby Jones (11)

I taught with Debbie Bruno for over a decade before I really got to know her.  One day we just started chatting (and if you knew Debbie, she really loved to chat!) and the next thing I knew we were planning a student trip to Costa Rica together.  We took those students to Costa Rica in the summer of 2011 and it was there I discovered what a truly kind-hearted and funny person she was.  After that, every time we spoke was like speaking to someone I had known my whole life.  A kind and generous person (half the plants in my garden are from hers), she was passionate about a lot of things, but mostly about family.  She knew what was good and right and she fought like a Bulldog for it.  I find it hard to say goodbye to my friend, but every spring when my garden begins to bloom I will think of her and smile.” Jeniffer Mies

Debra Bruno, Mrs. Bruno, a cherished and loved member of the Romeo Community and Romeo High School, passed on January 24 around 2am. She is survived by her loving husband, Mike, and beloved daughter, Isabella.  Mrs. Bruno taught in the Romeo community for 30 years. Her passion for teaching and language was shared and valued by her students, coworkers, and members of the Romeo Community. The life she brought into the classroom and enthusiasm she brought to learning will always be remembered.

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