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There is more than just gossip spreading through the halls of Romeo High School. Multiple impetigo outbreaks have recently been reported. Due to it’s crowded conditions, Romeo High School is a common destination for impetigo, a bacterial skin infection caused by two kinds of bacteria commonly known as strep (streptococcus) or staph (staphylococcus). The infection appears on the surfaces on the skin and forms sometimes itchy lesions that later break releasing a fluid, and then crust over. The lesions can occur anywhere on the body and in any size, but most commonly the lesions which appear as red sores will form around the mouth and nose. Broken skin, such as where insect bites or rashes have occurred, are also more prone to attract impetigo. Those participating in sports that involve skin to skin contact, such as football or wrestling, have a high chance of catching impetigo.

If someone notices any of these symptoms or have even the slightest concern they should contact their physician and seek medical treatment immediately. After 24-48 hours of being treated with a form of antibiotic and as long as the crusting and lesions have cleared, they may resume attending school. Scarring may take place but in most cases fades away.

“It’s really common with wrestlers. Any wrestler you talk to has probably had it. It is very contagious and it can get itchy. If you catch it early you can get rid of it quickly with no problem. In my case it was at least a week before I actually figured out what it was. I only missed a day of school and I had it three weeks ago, there is slight scarring, but it will fade,” a student who had impetigo who prefers to remain anonymous said.

The Romeo High School student body and faculty are advised to not share personal care products and avoid touching blisters, in addition to frequently washing hands and maintaining clean hygiene in order to keep the school a healthy and safe place for everyone to learn.

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