Abigail Keller ‘16 – As seniors prepare themselves for graduation, there’s one question that all start to wonder. Seniors, if you could go back and do it all over again, what would you do differently? Is there sports team you’d try out for? A club you’d join? A crush you’d reveal feelings to? Whatever it may be, big or small, we all begin to consider what we’d do with our “do over”.

“If I could have a redo of high school I think I would join the Theatre company. I’ve danced and sung my entire life plus it just always looked like a lot of fun,” Abigail Keller ‘16 said, “My biggest regret with that is not auditioning for Grease, I grew up watching that movie and the production of it was amazing.

“If I could do something differently I’d probably try to find out who my true friends are in the beginning,” Madilyn Osantowske ‘16 said, “I wouldn’t focus on trying to fit in.”

“I would try to challenge myself, instead of taking it easy my freshman year,” Vaselika Camaj ‘16 said, “I think I would also try to join a club so I could meet more people.”

“I wouldn’t take as many honor or AP classes my senior year,” Emily Rollend ‘16 said, “I wish I would’ve had more time with my friends rather than having to spend it studying all the time.”

“The one thing that I regret the most is not getting more involved with everything in high school. I should have done more clubs and participated in spirit days. I wish I would have gone to more of the games and sat in  the student section with my friends, it’s things like that that you take for granted. One piece of advice I have for underclassman is to get as involved as you can, because your high school years fly by,” said Jessica Mullin ‘16.

“Some things I wish I would have done different are talking to more people and I wish I didn’t spend most of my time working because looking at it now I have the rest of my life to work,” said Rebecca Israel ‘16 said, “But I loved cheering every Friday night, the state championship game at Ford field and always having a good time with friends.”

“Looking back I wouldn’t change anything that I did in high school,” Taylor Mueller ‘16 said, “I’m really happy that I was so involved and I made mistakes along the way but that’s how you learn.”
Although some may not change a thing, life is full of regrets, it’s human nature. Whether that regret be a mistake or an opportunity missed, when looking back at these four years it’s not the regrets you’ll remember, but the memories you made. No matter what you’d “do over”, four years at Romeo High School is four years well spent.

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