Madison VonHiltmayer ‘18 & Lily Hansen ‘18:  Every year when the high school football team makes playoffs, they come together on the Sunday after their last game to learn who they’re playing next by watch Selection Sunday. Usually, Romeo’s football team watches film and eats pizza on Selection Sunday, however this year was different. On October 23, our football and cheerleading teams gathered with their families and friends in the auditorium RHS auditorium, where after getting permission slips signed by their parents, were hypnotized by the professional hypnotist, Michael Brody.

After completing an exercise, Brody was able to select the most relaxed people who would be the best candidates for hypnotism. Among those players were Ronnie Wood ‘18 and Evan Smith ‘18. Shortly after, a few more players volunteered, including Ryan Nawrocki ‘18 and Ryan Medley ‘17.

“One thing he had us do was pretend that we were watching a movie, then the genre would change and all of our facial expressions would change too, but I don’t even remember doing that,” Nawrocki said. “There are some parts that I can remember, but then there were videos of me that I saw after and I don’t remember doing those parts at all.”

For the most part, everyone who got hypnotized lost a good portion of their memory. However, their loss was the audience’s gain. The more hypnotized the students were, the more humourous the show was for the crowd.  

“It was one of the funniest things I have seen all year,” Jackson Butcher ‘17 said.

One of the most memorable moments was when Kaylie Filzek ‘20 thought the hypnotist was actually Taylor Lautner. She proceeded to rub her hand on his stomach, thinking it was Taylor’s abs.

“I saw a lot of videos of me after, but it was weird because I was seeing myself do something that I don’t remember doing at all,” Filzek said. “I guess I forgot my name during it too and I touched the guy’s stomach because I thought it was Taylor Lautner’s abs.”

Sunday night allowed the football players, coaches, cheerleaders, and fans to let loose and have fun before the stressful week of playoffs. Everyone definitely enjoyed themselves and hope the hypnotist can come back again next year.

“I would absolutely do it again – and encourage other people to do it as well – it was super fun,” Medley ‘17 said.

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