Kenneth Borycz ‘18: Exams, exams, exams. What a time to be a student. It’s midterms week. The best time of the year… okay maybe not. People have many ways to study, the way to study is really a personal preference. Do you study? Wing it? Or have your our way?

Many students find this stressful time a time to give up. While other kick it into high gear with flashcards, Quizlets, and study groups. The average student studies 17 hours a week but goes up and down depending on class load, test and time of year.

Personally I am a tad bit weird when it comes to studying. I study different ways for different classes, it all just depends on the subject.

My personal favorite subject is anything history or social studies related. I keep my one-hundred percent attention so when it comes to studying for a test or exam, I don’t need to based on my focus in class. However a polar opposite of history is science for me. With science, I need to study a few weeks prior to the exam because of all the information that comes with science and I will admit, at times I don’t give science class all my attention all of the time.

Math is another one of my favorite subjects, but the weird thing is I notice that going into a math test without studying I feel great but when I study for math before a test I feel like I do terrible. Now English is a 50/50 subject for me. I will study vocab words for days making Quizlets and pounding the definitions in my head and a trick I use is to be able to spell the word and that will make me know the definition. For plot line on books depending on how well i liked the book I will look at Sparknotes or just go off of memory.

Now don’t listen to me, it’s all personal. If you need to study, then study. If you don’t need to study, then don’t. But let’s all remember a few things: get a good night sleep, eat breakfast, and just take a deep breath and relax. Don’t work yourself up so much, it will all be okay in the end, you’ve got this, I believe in you.


Kayla Yax ‘18: Midterms are quickly approaching and It’s easy to get stressed out when trying to prepare for the three consecutive days of testing. These tests count as 20% of your grade and can make you or break you.

There is an unlimited amount of ways to study, depending on how you learn best. Everyone is different so the way that your friends prepare for the week of exams may not be what’s best for you. There’s a lot that goes into the midterms and a lot of material from the course of the semester. For me, in classes that I’m not especially strong in it gets pretty overwhelming. Being as forgetful as I am, I tend to let material from the past months slip from my memory. So getting a study guide filled with terms and ideas that I’ve forgotten really freaks me out. Luckily over the years, I’ve learned what works for me when preparing for the three grueling days that make up exam week.

For starters, I am not someone who can cram a bunch of concepts and terms into my head in one night. It fries my brain and when I get the tests I somehow feel like I know less than before I even studied. Usually, I divide up the study guides and notes I’ve put together and focus on studying the key concepts a little at a time, it relieves a lot of stress to do it bit by bit and I feel more confident on test day. Ask questions. I always go to my teachers for help if my notes are a little hazy or if I just don’t understand the concept. They’re always more than happy to help me, so taking advantage of their guidance is important.

Making mock tests and quizzes are useful too. Kahoot and Quizlet are my go-to’s for making flashcards and quizzes, and it makes me feel much more prepared when I test what I actually know rather than just reading through all my notes, it helps me know what I need to study more in each class.

Studying with friends can be really useful or a huge distraction. You can usually tell what friends you can actually get work done with and what ones you’ll just end up wasting time with. But when it comes down to it, it’s helpful for me to study with my friends, compiling all our notes, and quizzing one another can help bring clarity to things that I struggle with or things that I missed.

It was basically drilled into our brains by our teachers that getting enough sleep and eating right is important to how well we do and how comfortable we are when test day comes. Honestly, it’s true, I go to bed early the night before so I’m not a living zombie, and I make sure to eat something that morning. Staying hydrated is super important all the time but especially on exam days, so I always bring extra water for the day.

Last minute reviewing is something that helps me, just looking over my notes before the test to refresh myself is something that has saved my grade almost every time. I freak out a little before my tests because I, like most people am terrified of failing and just want to get it over with. I remind myself through the test to slow down, make sure I read and understand the directions, and not to freak out if I don’t know something right away.

Studying for midterms can be really overwhelming, but knowing what works for you and what doesn’t will help when exams week starts. Taking time to study, using the resources available to you and the people around you can almost guarantee you do well when test day comes.

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