Taylor Demeere ‘19: Another year, another charity week. Romeo High School holds their annual charity week for students to participate in helping people in need. With different opportunities throughout the week, students encounter the chance to donate to the community. But the real question remains: outside of the in-school functions, how do YOU give back?

Wanting to give back or better the world, donating or taking part in charity work is the perfect chance for you. There are so many ways you can simply do your part.

Always looking for donations, several charities such as, American Wildlife Foundation, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Cancer Research Institute, Ronald McDonald House and many others make donating a breeze.

Community service is a free, rewarding, charitable way to give back to your community. Whether it be by cleaning up loose trash on the sides of the freeway, or going to nursing homes and comforting the elderly.

Another great way to better the world is donating supplies to families in need. Many organizations build backpacks for students, run canned food drives, and provide for needy families.

If you want to partake in charity, all you need is a good heart and the will to change the world.



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