Jessica Kitchen 22’ The difference between the cost for guys, girls, and even what people paid a generation or so back is insanely different. Regardless of the cost, everyone enjoys Homecoming. 

Homecoming for Romeo, which is right around the corner, puts people in a mad rush to get ready. Girls trying to find a dress for homecoming pack into stores such as Windsor, Macy’s, and Waltz.

For guys, homecoming and stress go hand in hand, especially if they aren’t going with anyone.

 “I don’t have a date for hoco, but I still plan on going. I think I’ll spend around $60. Some of that being for a hotdog from Speedway and a large $1 coke with no ice from McDonalds to eat before,” Josh Peil ‘21 said. 

Now if you have a date, that’s where it gets a little more expensive.

 “I’m going to hoco with my girlfriend Julia. I don’t know how much I’ll spend but probably like $30 for the proposal, then I have to rent a suit and shoes which is maybe $150,” Lindon Sinishtaj ‘20 said. “Then I have to buy a corsage which is like $20. Then dinner which is like $40. Holy crap, I didn’t realize how much this is gonna cost me,” 

On the flip side, girls have even more added expenses.

“I’m excited because this year I have a date. I’m going with my good friend Carter Hutchinson. I spent about $70 dollars on my dress and I’m going to wear my shoes from last year,” Mckenna Locke ‘22 said. “I’m also doing my hair and makeup my hair myself, but probably going to get acrylics which is around $45.”  

Kids nowadays spend very different amounts of money than they used to. Let’s kick it back a generation to see what girls spent back then on homecoming compared to what they spend now. 

“I probably spent like $150 for a dress, $50 for hair, so that’s $200, plus nails which is like $30. So probably between $230 and $250 after the ticket,” Ms. Regener, a teacher at Romeo, said.

Considering all the things girls get done for Hoco now: eyelash extensions, spray tans, etc. there is no surprise, the older generation thinks kids spend a lot more now. 

“I think probably more, like nowadays you get your lashes done, your makeup done. I thinks it’s crazy though,” Regener said. “It’s one dance, and you’ll probably never wear the dress again, I mean you could sell it, that would be a good thing. But like if you go to 2.0 then you have to buy a new dress and everything, not to mention if your a senior and go to prom.” 

There’s a lot that goes into getting ready for the night, but despite the cost, homecoming will always be known as a fun night out with friends.

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