Garrett Brown ’22: COVID-19: a burden for individuals all around the globe. People constantly search for happy moments to suppress the negative emotions associated with this pandemic. Of course, planning anything becomes difficult when the world shuts down for seven and a half months. Mrs. Roberts, a teacher at Romeo High School for the past three years, manages to keep this year positive and enjoy her wedding.

After spending five and a half years with her now-husband Travis, her wedding date arrived on October 30th of this year. Although her initial agenda differed greatly, Roberts still managed to experience her wedding all the same. 

“Originally we had planned a totally different wedding before COVID… We planned on having it in an event space, and we were going to have 160 people invited, and do a true ceremony wedding there. But we decided that wasn’t the safest thing for us to do, so we adapted and shifted [the wedding] to our backyard and had 20 people,” Roberts said. 

As Roberts stated, the prior guest list for the wedding extended much longer than the eventual turnout. The difficulty for large groups of people to safely gather remains a consequence of the disease. It especially affects the elderly, who possess a higher risk of obtaining the disease and therefore struggle to participate in events. This acted as another hindrance in Roberts’ wedding.

“We would’ve loved to have my grandpa there, but he’s currently in a nursing home and, because of COVID regulations, he can’t leave and come back. So unfortunately, he was the only one who couldn’t come,” Roberts said. 

Travel continues to be limited to prevent further spread of the disease by placing forth drastic measures of control. The main event following a wedding, the honeymoon, proves very difficult to plan during the middle of a health crisis. Roberts struggles with the idea of planning a honeymoon too far in advance, and she remains unsure of where she and her husband want to go. 

“We’re not even planning anything. We plan on doing a honeymoon, we just don’t know when or where, so we aren’t going to make any decisions until we feel like it’s safe to travel. We’re definitely not staying in Michigan. We’re either going to go to California or international,” Roberts said.

Exciting weddings like these sustain the idea that amazing things happen even in the most stressful times. They bring the world one step closer to normality, which is something that humanity needs desperately right now. From RNews, congratulations, Mrs. Roberts! 

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