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With the Homecoming dance approaching, R News asked several students how their date asked them to the dance.

Rachel Boeve (12) and Cooper Laurain (12)


“Rachel asked me by decorating my car with sticky notes that said, ‘Homecoming?’ and also, she filled my room with balloons and streamers,” Laurain said.

Connor Kowalke (12) and Lindsey Hernden (12)


“Lindsey asked me by filling my room with balloons, streamers, cupcakes and candy. [With] a large sign saying, ‘Homecoming?’” Kowalke said.

Nicholas Stankiewcz (12) and Toni Lewis (12)


“Nick asked me to homecoming by showing up to my 4th hour with a sign, balloons, a bear, candy, a blanket, and flowers. Mrs. Droope and him set up for me to go into the back room acting like she needed something and he was in there [waiting to ask me],” Lewis said.

 Angelo Ciavatta (12) and Gabrielle Miller (11)


“Angelo [asked me]. He surprised me and knocked on my door with a pink basket and in the basket was a puppy with a dog tag that said, “Homecoming?” Miller said.

Natalie Fisher (12) and Hunter Jenuwine (12)

_MG_3711 - Copy

“Hunter Jenuwine asked me. I came home from dance, it was dark out, and I pulled into my driveway to see pumpkins all lit up that spelt, “Homecoming?” And he was standing there with flowers,” Fisher said.

Mackenzie Verellen (11) and Christopher (CJ) Rashid (11)


After dance team practice I walked out to my car filled with balloons and when I opened my car, [CJ] pops out with a teddy bear whose shirt says, “Homecoming?’ And in a picture frame was a picture of him holding flowers and on the frame is a button you press that has a recording saying, ‘Will you please go to homecoming with me?’” Verellen said.

Graphic by Maddie Geffert

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